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North Korea, South Korea War Looms As Short-range Projectiles Fired & ‘Spartan’ Army On Standby

North Korea, South Korea War Looms As Short-range Projectiles Fired & ‘Spartan’ Army On Standby
North Korea — Pyongyang (stephan) /Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


North Korea, South Korea War Looms As Short-range Projectiles Fired & ‘Spartan’ Army On Standby

Tensions continue to escalate in the Korean peninsula as South Korea military officials claim that North Korea just fired five short-range projectiles. Furthermore, South Korea is also reportedly creating a “Spartan-like” army in light of the conflict.

South Korean military heads said that North Korea fired the projectiles contributing to the escalating tensions between the two countries. South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff, or JCS announced that the Pyongyang launched the projectiles from somewhere south of Hamhing City, South Hamgyong province. The officials also said the incident happened between 3:19 and 4:05 p.m. South Korean time (2:19 to 3:05 a.m. ET) Monday, as reported by CNN.

The projectiles reportedly flew around 200 kilometers (124 miles) toward the sea, by the east of the Korean Peninsula, according to JCS. At the moment, the South Korean military is monitoring the situation closely ensuring that they are also at full alert.

Nonetheless, South Korea is not falling short of preparing for any tensions that may escalate with its neighboring country. According to reports, it has been preparing a “Spartan-like” army. The country’s operational units were put to test during the South Korea’s annual drills with the US. According to RT, the Marine Corps just created a new mobile unit that is specifically focused on attacking North Korea from the rear in light of emergency situations. The regimental-level unit of 3,000 troops was called the “Spartan 3000,” according to one of the officials.

“In the past, the battalion-level unit took 24 hours to be deployed across the Korean Peninsula, while the regimental-level unit took 48 hours. However, the new unit will be able to operate within 24 hours even at the regimental level,” RT quoted the official on the promise of anonymity.

North Korea previously condemned the drills saying that it is a provocation. Pyongyang also threatened to attack the US in light of such.

“Any enemy group will never land in seashore of the country as our reliable artillerymen stand guard in full readiness to wipe out the aggressors,” KCNA quoted Kim (via RT as well).

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