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North Korea Declares Nuclear War: US Admits War On Hair Trigger Alert

North Korea Declares Nuclear War: US Admits War On Hair Trigger Alert
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North Korea Declares Nuclear War: US Admits War On Hair Trigger Alert

In late July, North Korea declares nuclear war against the United States but no one has taken it seriously. On Thursday, analysts said that North Korea had actually increase the possibility of a nuclear war as Kim Jong-un was able to shrink the warning time for America to detect that a nuclear attack was conducted.

With all the latest testing nuclear missiles by North Korea, it has now become a “practical threat” than a “theoretical threat” according to intelligence officials. The country’s display of resolve in its testing of nuclear weapons proved that Kim Jong-un is serious with his threat of bringing the world into its nuclear apocalypse.

Nuclear War looms – North Korea a real threat

According to CNN analyst Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling, North Korea could eventually make its nuclear missile testing a success. “As soon as they have one test that they could classify as an extreme success, then we are talking a whole different ballgame (in) their potential to threaten other sovereign nations in their area but also potentially parts of the United States,” Hertling told CNN.

North Korea has in fact started its production of plutonium at the Yongbyon nuclear reactor facility, according to reports. The country also said that nuclear tests will not be stopped as long as threats from the United States remain.

North Korea nuclear weapon production

The production of plutonium was confirmed by North Korea’s Atomic Energy Institute, which has jurisdiction over the Yongbyon nuclear facilities. The institute further said that highly enriched uranium, for nuclear arms and power, is also being produced “as scheduled.”

“We have reprocessed spent nuclear fuel rods removed from a graphite-moderated reactor,” the institute said.

However, as reported by BBC, the amount of enriched uranium and plutonium the country has produced has not been made clear.

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“Under conditions that the United States constantly threatens us with nuclear weapons, we will not discontinue nuclear tests,” the institute said.

Shut down in 2007 as part of a disarmament-for-aid deal, the International Atomic Energy Agency reported in June that North Korea had opened its Yongbyon facility to produce plutonium from spent fuel.

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Morning News USA previously reported that North Korea declared war after Washington placed leader Kim Jong Un on the list of its sanctioned individuals. The declaration, however, was not taken seriously by the American people.

Meanwhile, the news that North Korea had started production of the reactive element was also confirmed by a senior official from the U.S. State Department. A spokeswoman said that the department was aware of the activity, calling it a “clear violation” of UN resolutions.

“We call on North Korea to refrain from actions and rhetoric that further raise tensions in the region,” Katina Adams, spokeswoman for the department, said.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, in January North Korea executed its fourth nuclear test and conducted a long range rocket test the following month.

According to a Washington-based research institute, in the last year and a half, North Korea, reportedly expanding the production of its nuclear weapons, could have added six more weapons to its armory.

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