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North Korea Claims Success On ‘Highly Intelligent’ Anti-Ship Missile Test

North Korea Claims Success On ‘Highly Intelligent’ Anti-Ship Missile Test
North Korea — Pyongyang (stephan) /Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


North Korea Claims Success On ‘Highly Intelligent’ Anti-Ship Missile Test

North Korea’s strongman Kim Jong-un announced on June 16 his government recently fired a “highly intelligent” anti-ship missile which has the capacity of hitting its target 120 km away, and described its procurement as “another fresh milestone,” according to the news.

The announcement came only weeks after North Korea’s previous claim it succeeded in its submarine-based ballistic missile test, featuring a technology that could allegedly afford North Korea a “survivable second-strike capability,” the news also said.

The secretive communist country has been stubbornly defying the United Nations’ ban on conducting missile tests.

State-run Korean Central News Agency reports the supreme commander joined other officials in watching the launch of its anti-ship rocket and “expressed great satisfaction” as the rockets hit the targeted “enemy warship” with accuracy.

The report further said Mr. Kim observed “with great pleasure” as the successful launch bolstered the “Juche-based naval force and the KPA navy’s operational capability has been remarkably increased with the drill as a momentum.”

“Ultra-modern strike means of Korean-style have been studied and developed one after another recently to completely contain the hostile forces,” the State-run media quoted the country leader.

South Korea Defense Ministry confirmed the tests saying “three short-range missiles with a range of nearly 100km” were launched on Sunday on east coast.

The United Sates commented the test was “a clear violation” of the United Nations Security Council resolutions.

Fake Photos

Despite the declaration on its May submarine-based missile test, many experts expressed doubts on the authenticity of the photos released, saying the said photos were “manipulated by state propagandists.”

The Guardian published a previous report on a senior U.S. Navy admiral’s comment on North Korea’s claim and said “the isolated country may still be years away from developing the technology.”

Efforts to improve the relationship between the two Koreas were not always fruitful. Just in May, North Korea cancelled the supposed visit by the United Nations Chief Ban Ki-moon who has been passionate in seeking a chance to ameliorate the ties between the two states.

Ban described the cancellation as “deeply regrettable” but he remained hopeful in future efforts motivating North Korea to cooperate with calls on peace and stability from international community.

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