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Noor Tagouri ‘Playboy’ Photos: Know More About The First Woman To Wear Hijab In Magazine’s History

Noor Tagouri ‘Playboy’ Photos: Know More About The First Woman To Wear Hijab In Magazine’s History
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Noor Tagouri ‘Playboy’ Photos: Know More About The First Woman To Wear Hijab In Magazine’s History

While “Playboy” magazine has always been known to feature nude or almost naked women, a shift has been noted when hijab-wearing Noor Tagouri appeared on its pages for the “Renegades 2016” feature.

A number of readers might have found this odd because it is “Playboy” and all these years, they could not have thought of an issue that featured a heavily-clothed model.

As she did the photoshoot with her hijab on, many might have become more curious of why Noor Tagouri gave her nod to do the project.

According to Hollywood Life, the 22-year-old journalist posed for the publication “for Muslims and women.”

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“I did it for Muslims, for women, and for everyone misrepresented in mainstream media today,” she shared on Instagram on Friday. “I did it for the 10,000 [women] who came before me that were bullied in private or publicly humiliated because they didn’t conform to societal standards of how a woman should present herself.”

A journo working for Washington-based media outlet Newsy, Noor Tagouri revealed in her interview with “Playboy” that she dreams of becoming the first hijab-wearing anchor on commercial US television.

“I’m still figuring out who I am as a storyteller,” she said. “But I can tell you that you’ll be seeing me on TV soon!”

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She is also certified internet sensation, who surely has a heart for women and the victims of sex trafficking.

At the start of this year, she started the hashtag #LetNoorShine which was born after she shared a photo of her internship at CBS. The said viral post eventually gave birth to her own clothing line called #TheNoorEffect as Noor Tagouri advocates for women empowerment and put an end to sex trafficking.

Amid the supposed celebration of “Playboy’s” move to feature her after more than six decades of publishing materials intended for the male audience, Nishaat Ismail of The Independent disclosed his failure to see the reason to celebrate.

“Forgive me if I don’t see what there is to celebrate when a hijabi woman – member of an already maligned part of society – makes the ‘revolutionary’ choice to join  forces with a sexist establishment that has debased other women by reducing them to sexual objects for generations,” the author said about the feature on Noor Tagouri.

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