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Non-Profit Helps Women Recovering From Eating Disorders Get A New Wardrobe

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Non-Profit Helps Women Recovering From Eating Disorders Get A New Wardrobe

One non-profit organization is helping women recover from eating disorders by helping them make a fresh start with new wardrobes.

The Garment Project is all about helping empower women who have battled eating disorders for quite some time. They do this by giving them clothes that they can wear to show off their healthier self.

Typically, The Garment Project says it receives new clothing that has never been worn from various shops. Once it comes in, the organization prepares to present them by doing one thing: removing the sizing information and tags.

“We remove all tags and sizing information from each article of clothing ensuring that you can maintain your focused recovery,” The Garment Project said. This way, women can choose the perfect clothes for them solely on the way they look and fit on their bodies. According to a report from Mashable, The Garment Project will provide free new, sizeless clothes to women all throughout their first six months of recovery.

The Garment Project’s co-founder struggled with an eating disorder herself.

The team behind The Garment Project is no stranger to eating disorders themselves. The organization’s co-founder Erin Drischler admits she struggled with it herself at one point. “My closet ranged in sizes, but a lot of them brought up negative memories. I could not afford to buy myself a brand new wardrobe- treatment is expensive,” Drischler recalled. This is exactly what inspired her to start the organization. “We are not just giving clothing that fits, we are allowing our client to build confidence in other aspects of her life while tackling the worst part-body image,” she further remarked.

Meanwhile, Drischler’s business partner and fiancé Jordan Tomb admits that although he didn’t struggle with an eating disorder himself, he has seen how it affects others. “A friend’s younger sister had developed an eating disorder and although I could see some of the strain it put on my friend and his family, the topic was unspokenly off-limits,” he explained.

Wardrobe project starts the moment a woman is preparing to leave a treatment center.

The Garment Project starts working with a patient the moment they are finishing up their inpatient recovery. As they do, their treatment team provides The Garment Project with their right measurements, style preference and personality information. Once a patient leaves the treatment center, she receives a basics package. This contains t-shirts, underwear, jeans and bras. At the same time, she is given access to an individualized web page where she can shop clothes from. All of her clothing picks then get shipped to her. And if there is something the does not want in the pile, she can always ship it back to The Garment Project using a pre-paid box.

Today, The Garment Project is working with six treatment countries around the U.S. and it hopes to be able to expand its reach soon. Moreover, the organization intends to also cater to men struggling with eating disorders in the near future. “Recovery is possible for everyone,” Drischler remarked.
The Garment Project is currently accepting financial donations to help them empower women through clothes. To make a donation now, click here.

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