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Nokia Maps Service HERE Sold For $3 Billion – What’s Next?

Nokia Maps Service HERE Sold For $3 Billion – What’s Next?


Nokia Maps Service HERE Sold For $3 Billion – What’s Next?

It’s a known fact that automobile manufacturers have been taking the concept of self-driving cars pretty seriously. Purchasing Nokia’s HERE maps is just a step forward towards turning this self-driving dream into reality. The deal between the automobile giants (BMW, Audi and Mercedes) and Nokia has said to cost $3 billion.

Why Nokia’s HERE Maps?

Nokia says that their mapping unit focuses on delivering accurate and precise mapping. Besides mapping, the services also promises to provide a completely different driving experience to drivers which include highly automated driving.

Also, as Peter Skillman, Nokia HERE’s lead designer told Wired last year, the mapping unit collects data at a rate of 100 billion points every month from sources like satellite and aerial imagery. Investing into HERE maps is hence an excellent move from the automobile giants, but what about Nokia?

Let’s hear it from Nokia

Nokia has been looking forward to merging with Alcatel-Lucent for quite some time now. The President and CEO of Nokia, Rajeev Suri, feels that the deal with the automobile manufacturers has helped the company complete the last stage of transformation.

Nokia has also been looking forward to manufacturing telecom equipments for China Mobile and AT&T. With the whopping amount of $3 billion, Nokia can now bury the failures and unsuccessful deal of the past, moving on to properly planned and money-making ventures.

With this deal, we are surely up for some exciting innovations in the automobile industry. How do these companies integrate this already established mapping unit into their vehicles and how well they utilize the collected data is all we have to see now. Where there is money, there are deals. Not always do we see thrilling innovations being born after billion-dollar deals. For now, let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait for their new update.

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