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Nokia Corp Pulls Out HERE Maps App from Apple Inc’s App Store

Nokia Corp Pulls Out HERE Maps App from Apple Inc’s App Store


Nokia Corp Pulls Out HERE Maps App from Apple Inc’s App Store

Nokia Corp Pulls Out HERE Maps App from Apple Inc App StoreCiting compatibility issues, Nokia Corp has reportedly pulled out its HERE mapping app from Apple Inc’s App Store. The Finnish handset manufacturer is yet to release additional details about its decision. But it already advised iPhone users to log in to the app’s Web version to continue enjoying the mapping service.

In a previous interview with a technology media outlet, Nokia was quoted as saying that HERE Maps had experienced compatibility issues, which started when Apple upgraded to iOS 7. The company reiterated that the new mobile operating system introduced changes that “harm users’ experience.” Apple released iOS 7 in the later part of the third quarter prior to the launch of its two new iPhones–iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

Nokia asserted that iPhone users could continue using HERE Maps through the mobile Web version at The service still offers location information like searches, routing, transit information, orientation, and more. It also reiterated that HERE Maps would remain free of charge.

HERE Maps app in iOS

Nokia launched the iOS version of HERE Maps in November 2012. That was the time when Apple’s very own Maps app was being heavily criticized following a decision to make it the default in iOS, displacing the tried and tested Google Maps.

HERE Maps has been known for offering access to Nokia’s cloud-based mapping service. It provides various views, satellite maps, and information about live traffic and public transport. Interestingly, the live traffic data could be further drilled down to indicate or show current accidents, congestion, and construction activities in specific areas.

Persistent issues

However, some analysts noted that HERE Maps has been buggy since its start. Some experts asserted that long before iOS 7 was launched, the app had already showed signs of failure. They said that in many times, the app was not able to show accurate results, especially when users conduct even minor typographical errors like placing of spaces and periods.

The pullout of HERE Maps from the App Store also came less than one month following the approval of Microsoft Corp’s deal to takeover Nokia’s mobile handset business. The app is still available on Windows and Android devices. It would continue to serve as a tool for the DreamWorks Dragon Adventure mobile game, which was launched this month by Nokia itself and the Hollywood studio.

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