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No World War In Space: US & Russia Cooperate To Land On Moon

No World War In Space: US & Russia Cooperate To Land On Moon
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No World War In Space: US & Russia Cooperate To Land On Moon

Even with tensions between the United States and Russia, space experts from both countries are working together for a joint moon mission. Specifically, engineers from Russia and U.S. are planning to launch a space program signifying unity from both sides, far from what their political counterparts are doing. 

Mission to the Moon

Times are tense between the United States and Russia, especially after the former reiterated its position and support for NATO. The alliance has dubbed Russia as a threat and a major challenge, same as with terrorism. However, despite the war of words, Russia and American engineers are doing something far off; they are working together.

According to Sputnik, engineers from both countries are looking into possibilities of a collaborative space program. The initiative will uphold the multinational alliance established during the initiation of the International Space Station (ISS).  However, the report noted that while the cooperation seems to stand, both countries would pursue working together as long as political relations allow them to. Deterioration of relations could possibly get in the way.

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“Roskosmos and NASA are going to work on a project for a future orbital station,” Sputnik quoted head of Roscosmos Igor Komarov in another report.

“It will be an open project, and not just the current participants in the ISS will take part. It will be open to everybody who wants to join (the project),” added Komarov.

Mission to Mars

In fact, collaboration on a mission to Mars could also be on the table.

“The direction of our collaboration is Mars. We are in discussions about how best to use resources, finances, determine time-frames and how to coordinate our efforts so that activities are not duplicated,” said NASA administrator Charles Bolden.

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