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No White Christmas For The UK This Year

No White Christmas For The UK This Year
Daffodils in the sunlight Susanne Nilsson / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


No White Christmas For The UK This Year

This year, the UK is not expected to witness a White Christmas. The temperatures have reached 16 degree Celsius.

There will be no White Christmas for the UK this year, as several parts experienced warm weather with temperatures reaching 16 degrees Celsius.

The warm weather is caused by tropical air arriving from the Atlantic. Chester and Northern Ireland are witnessing daffodils blooming at this time of the year. According to, the temperature at London City Airport was recorded 16 degrees Celsius, higher than the average 11.2-degree Celsius for the month of May and the average of 6-8-degree Celsius for December.

“Yesterday we got up to 14C or 15C across the south west, but today just about everywhere is in double figures,” Helen Rossington, a forecaster for MeteoGroup, explained. “In south east England, East Anglia and the London area highs are going to be around 16C. The average is around 9C at this time of year for that part of England.”

In 1972, Gwynedd, north west Wales, experienced the hottest December 16 in the UK, with the temperature reaching 17 degrees Celsius. Rossington says that the records for December 17 and 18, which currently stand at 17.8 and 18 degrees Celsius, could possibly be broken, as reported by Daily Mail.

Regarding the cause of the unseasonal weather, she said, “We have just had unsettled rain in Cumbria, but wind coming from the South and South West is drawing up tropical moisture and warmth as well, which means it is very mild air coming from that direction. Because we have had this strong jet across the Atlantic it has kept going for weeks and weeks.”

Wirral Bird Club shared a picture of daffodils blooming in Chester on Twitter. “The weather has gone mad,” the caption said. Another user posted a picture of daffodils in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, saying, “Daffodils in flower in mid-December in Chester.”

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