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With No Record Deal, 4th Impact Girls May Go Solo?

With No Record Deal, 4th Impact Girls May Go Solo?
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With No Record Deal, 4th Impact Girls May Go Solo?

The 4th Impact sisters are relentlessly chasing their dream to succeed in the music industry. While their career as a group is still going strong, are the sisters planning to pursue individual careers?

Unreality TV recently reported that the girls who have very strong vocals may soon consider solo careers. However, the group debunked this rumor but said they will not be they are not splitting their ways as a group.

Sisters Almira, Mylene, Celina and Irene are working together for a decade now.  Irene was asked about by the news website about her plans to go solo. She answered, “For now, no. We will remain a group.”

The 4th Impact girls who thought of quitting singing just before X-Factor audition last year, now has no time to breathe. They are packed with schedules and may even sign a record deal soon.

The sole motto of the group is to become the Asian female version of One Direction. It is to be noted that One Direction also shot to fame from X-Factor. Irene mentioned, “We have not reached my dream to be the female, Asian version of One Direction. Maybe someday.”

The girls are fresh from their visit to their homeland, The Philippines. This and the completion of the X-Factor live tour Made them feel reenergized. 

As far as the record deal is concerned, they have hinted about new materials to the fans. 4th Impact is hitting the studio on regular basis and they talked about some new material. Is it the new album we are all waiting for?

4th Impact girls and their families made huge sacrifice to make it big, Unreality TV noted. They stuck by each other’s side as Irene pointed out. Solo careers will have to wait.

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