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No Recall For 128 GB iPhone 6 Plus

No Recall For 128 GB iPhone 6 Plus


No Recall For 128 GB iPhone 6 Plus

No Recall For 128 GB iPhone 6 PlusThere has been a rumor that Apple could be recalling its 128GB iPhone 6 Plus due to crashing and boot loop issues after the device is restarted.  It seems that a lot of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners were complaining about these problems in Apple’s support forum though the exact reason behind the dilemma has not been isolated. The problem appears to target the 128GB iPhone 6 Plus that has a huge number of apps installed on it and some quarters suggest it may be a hardware issue specifically the triple-level cell (TLC) NAND flash that the Cupertino firm used this time around for their premier mobile handsets.

According to publications that picked up the news from BusinessKorea, this issue is new to Apple’s iPhones as this is the first time Apple used the said hardware for their devices. Apple previously used the multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash for their iPhones and users did not complain about this problem before.  For iPhone 6 Plus owners experiencing this issue, the only solution right now is to return their iDevice to Apple for a replacement. The report further announced that Apple could have a very big iPhone 6 Plus recall problem in their hands if the issue is not immediately addressed.

But later the same day, another report from 9to5Mac came out saying that the problem is not new nor specific to the iPhone 6 Plus and iOS 8, and that a small number of users have experienced the issue way back when iOS 6 ruled the iDevices. This new report also said that there would be no iPhone 6 Plus recall as their source had confirmed and that the crashing and boot loop issue only affected quite a few (all 159 of them) of users contrary to what the initial report said.

Apple said that the company was aware of the rare bug and confirmed that it is not related to any NAND hardware problem as the previous report claimed.  Presently, Apple engineers are busily trying to find the solution to the said bug and in the meantime, affected users can easily have their iPhones replaced with a new one by visiting their favorite Apple store.

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