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No Racism Over First Black Female Mayor Of Missouri

No Racism Over First Black Female Mayor Of Missouri
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No Racism Over First Black Female Mayor Of Missouri

Missouri residents have denied racism claims against their first African-American female mayor, Tyrus Byrd. Allegations that Byrd was being subjected to racism erupted when five out of six police officers in town resigned after she sworn in to office on April 14.

No resignation letters found

According to former mayor Randall Ramsey, the town’s clerk, city’s attorney and the waste water treatment plant resignation have also submitted their resignations. He said such were motivated by unexplained “safety concerns.”

Ramsey has served Parma for 37 years during two different terms. However, he lost to Byrd by 37 votes.

Mayor Byrd said she will investigate the reasons behind the resignations. The purported letters cannot be found and all office computers were cleared, Byrd told KFVS.

No Racism Over Missouri’s’ First African-American female mayor

The resignation of the staff has nothing to do with racism, according to Parma residents who have spoken with The Associated Press.

“There was absolutely no racism that had anything to do with this. We had an election, it’s over, and we’re all supporting the new mayor and moving forward,” Barry Aycock, a white Parma resident told The Associated Press.

Another black Parma resident, Louis Nelson, also denied there was racism behind the resignations.

“Everybody pretty well gets along here,” Nelson said.

Another resident, Lisa Kirk, on the other hand, was surprised to know that there were six police officers in town. She said her convenience store was robbed nine times over the past ten years, but no police officers had come to help.

“There was never police around in town. We have no idea where the six officers worked or who they are. If they did work, I don’t know where they were.”


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