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No ‘Pokemon Go’ UK, Canada, Philippines? System Crashed, International Rollout Halted

No ‘Pokemon Go’ UK, Canada, Philippines? System Crashed, International Rollout Halted
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No ‘Pokemon Go’ UK, Canada, Philippines? System Crashed, International Rollout Halted

It seems that Pokemon Go in UK, Canada, Philippines and other countries  will not happen anytime soon soon.  Fans of the franchise flooded the servers, so much so that the international rollout has been delayed.

Pokemon GO players outside the US, Australia, and New Zealand will have to wait before they can catch them all.

After the game’s successful release, social media accounts exploded with images of newly captured Pokemon. This was short lived however as later, not a single sighting occurred with a majority of users.

According to the Business Insider, it was the sheer popularity of the game that caused it to encounter problems. It was revealed that the number of users overloaded to the servers and caused them to frequently crash.

Pokemon GO Fix On The Way

Niantic CEO John Hanke stated that they are aware of the problem and are hard at to work on a solution. Niantic co-created Pokemon GO with Nintendo and The Pokemon Company.

While it fixes its server capacity, the international rollout of the game in countries such as the UK and The Netherlands is currently on hold. Countries in Asia are also unable to capture Pokemon, for many the wait is agonizing.

The game makes use of Augmented Reality using the smartphone’s cameras as well as maps of the area to search for miniature monsters. For players a.k.a. trainers, this is the closest they will ever get to achieving their childhood dream.

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While it has been disappointing, first-day launch problems are not that uncommon. All things accounted for, it was much better for the game to have server problems rather than problems with the game itself.

Niantic is currently conducting test runs on the game’s servers which is why there are reports of sporadic sightings. At this time, no countries outside the US, Australia, and New Zealand have access to uninterrupted gameplay.

Pokemon GO is free-to-play, now available for download at the Appstore and Google Play.

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