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No Plans Of Abandoning ”Aquaman’ , Director James Wan Busy With ‘Conjuring 2’

No Plans Of Abandoning ”Aquaman’ , Director James Wan Busy With ‘Conjuring 2’
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No Plans Of Abandoning ”Aquaman’ , Director James Wan Busy With ‘Conjuring 2’

Warner Bros. company recently has been struggling over their directors. First up, with no specific reasons, director Seth Grahame-Smith left the science fiction film, “The Flash.” Then, Michelle MacLaren pulled out over unspecified creative differences on “Wonder Woman.” Now, words surfaced that director James Wan will withdraw from the “Aquaman” project.

But, it turns out this latest report is not really true. Movie Web claimed that director Wan took on his Twitter account and posted a photo of himself standing next to a large mural of Aquaman, which is a slight indication that the director isn’t leaving the project.

Director Wan also made it known that he just freed himself up from finishing his work on the supernatural horror film, The “Conjuring 2.” He also implied that he knew about the rumors of him leaving the Aquaman project. As indicated in Collider, director Wan stated, “Just resurfaced from being buried in a foxhole for the last two weeks, wrapping up all things #conjuring2. You guys are killing me. Please, there’s absolutely no need to attack journalist Devin Faraci, or anyone.”

His leaving will certainly be a surprise if true, considering how excited he was over the project. Wan stated back in March, “I think Aquaman is a character that is, you know, a lot of people have made fun of over the years, and I just think it’s fun to actually show a really different, cool, badass side to this character, but at the same time, let’s not forget to have fun with it.”

The American actor, director and producer Jason Momoa is set to play the title character in the Aquaman film. Jason Momoa’s Aquaman was first spotted in a cameo appearance in Zack Snyder’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Also, part of the Aquaman’s cast is the American actress Amber Heard, who will portray the character Mera.

“Aquaman” film will hit the big screens on July 2018.

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