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No New James Bond 007: Daniel Craig May Reprise Role

No New James Bond 007: Daniel Craig May Reprise Role
Daniel Craig – Film Premiere Spectre 007 – on the Red Carpet in Berlin / Flickr CC BY 2.0

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No New James Bond 007: Daniel Craig May Reprise Role

Daniel Craig is the current James Bond role holder. However, the actor will no longer reprise his role. The movie producer, Barbara Brocolli is not amenable to his decision and she is set to let him come back.

The new movie will be deferred because she has two unfinished movies and she wants to prioritize them. At present, she is in London shooting for Jamie Bell movie “Film Stars Don’t Die.”

According to Chatt Sports Net, the 007 movie was delayed because Brocolli wants to finish her two movies in line. She also wants ample time to woo Daniel Craig.

Daniel Craig announced that he is done with the James Bond role. If he does one more movie, it will be for the money alone.

The producer has already conducted auditions for the replacement. But the lady producer has not made her pick yet. Two actors who auditioned but were nixed were Theo James and Jamie Bell. There are actors who are now strong contenders for the role. They are Tom Hiddleston, Jack Huston, and Aidan Turner.

Will Daniel Craig say yes again for the role? The actor has expressed his decision to no longer ink another contract with Brocolli’s company.

He has been associated with the role for a decade and perhaps he wants to do other genres. According to him, he is done with the 007 role but his last movie was a big hit. His decision was confirmed by his pal Mark Strong as reported by Cheat Sheet. Although he wants to portray another villain role in the movie, he cannot argue with his friend.

Why was Daniel Craig giving up on the role that other actors would die to have? Did he experience something on the last movie that made him “loathe” doing it again? Wait and see for the next 007 star.

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