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No Mobile Support for Ubuntu store apps until version 14.04

No Mobile Support for Ubuntu store apps until version 14.04


No Mobile Support for Ubuntu store apps until version 14.04

Cross platform support is regarded as the beacon of the modern technological advancements.

Running an app simultaneously on your PC, tablet and mobile is the apex of technology nirvana, right? If you are a user of Ubuntu and into the news, you must have heard that there is a thing called “Karma app” into the market, which has been marketed up by Ubuntu Community Manager Jono Bacon this week showed off Karma Machine, a reddit client built by a third-party developer using the Ubuntu SDK. What Karma does is that it allows you to enjoy the apps both on your PC, tablet and mobile but, strangely enough, it does not support Ubuntu Center in it. You ask why? Because there won’t be any cross platform support until Ubuntu 14.4.

The community manager of Ubuntu told a famous blog that there is not a mesh of all the cross platform support in Ubuntu up till now, but they are definitely looking into this matter as the mobile based software industry explodes and spirals around the globe Apps “are currently available to Ubuntu for smartphones and tablets and will be available on the desktop when we release Unity 8 on the desktop at a later date,” Bacon told the blog. Reasons are quite clear for not clearing up the barrier for the cross platform support: Security. As we know that Ubuntu is so much careful about the security and the competent authorities at Ubuntu want to completely get behind a secure wall before going in for a complete cross platform strategy. Programming the open API interfaces for the tablets, mobiles and PCs have always been the really difficult task ahead.

Ubuntu is at the loss clearly by adopting this strategy of lingering on the multi-platform support. There is a lack of multiple platform support devices like PC docking stations and mobile carriers. Bacon admits that Ubuntu must start rolling out devices that are platform friendly as there are more and more apps that people want to sync both on their PC and mobile device.

The current goal is to get Unity 8 on the desktop in 14.10, “but we are always assessing our roadmap and reviewing what is realistic,” Bacon said in an email to the tech blog. Unity 8, the apex of the cross platform ventures has been waiting for long for the mesh of the cross platform support by Ubuntu, but they are not still hopeful as touted by the media reports.

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