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No Man’s Sky Tips: Walkthrough Details On Atlas Pass And More

No Man’s Sky Tips: Walkthrough Details On Atlas Pass And More
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No Man’s Sky Tips: Walkthrough Details On Atlas Pass And More

The much anticipated No Man’s Sky failed to meet gamer’s expectations due to its unforeseen performance issues. While Indie Studio Hello Games was able to release an early patch for the game, it’s been reported that it’s still unplayable for many gamers on PC and console.

Fortunately, the sci-fi game is still trending among gamers due to its “infinite procedurally generated universe.” Currently the studio is still coming up with next patch to fix its bug issues, However, due to unavailable fixes, many gamers have not been able to experience the game at its full potential.

As of now PC Gamers have provided their details on the first patch released by Hello Games.  but currently, the issue lies with some gamers who have proper access to the title and are puzzled over what the Atlas Pass means and how to get it.

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Recently, an article on Heavy provided us with a detailed Walkthrough and some tips on attaining the Atlas Pass. For gamers who aren’t aware, the Atlas Pass in No Man’s Sky provides us the ability to find secret chests with valuable loot in different planet.

The Atlas Pass helps us identify these objects and obtain them. However, to get hold of it, the user must exit the planet he/she was spawned in. The gamer must find objects that can aid in repairing the ship.

Once gamers are able to exit the planet they were stranded on, the game will provide them with small missions to finish. Once completed, the user will come across a message on his HUD reading “Anomaly Detected”, leading to the close by Atlas Station.

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Gamers must then navigate themselves to the waypoint and would eventually have to interact with alien species on that planet, the user will then be provided with Wrap Cells and an Atlas Stone by the aliens as well. Once you set off from the planet, a message indicating a Space Anomaly will pop up.

When users reach that planet, the aliens residing there will provide you with the first Atlas Pass Recipe v1. Gamers can get access to the next level of Atlas Pass as they travel closer to the centre of the universe.

No Man’s Sky is an indie sci-fi title released in Windows and PlayStation 4 by Indie developers Hello Games. The title is currently available for purchase on Steam for PC and in PSN for PS4.

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