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No Man’s Sky’ Tips & Guide: Upgrading, Looking For New Ship, Know How

No Man’s Sky’ Tips & Guide: Upgrading, Looking For New Ship, Know How
No Man’s Sky from No Man’s Sky / Hello Games


No Man’s Sky’ Tips & Guide: Upgrading, Looking For New Ship, Know How

No Man’s Sky, the action-adventure survival game from indie developer Hello Games has an interesting concept. You are dropped into an unknown planet and you simply do anything you can to survive and learn as much as possible about the planet itself.

Much of the game revolves around moving from one another of the 18 quintillion (1.8×1019) planets in the game. These planets have their own sets of fauna and flora and you will also encounter civilizations.

This can only be done with a space ship making them the most essential item in the game. And given that you will most likely meet hostile pirates and other space-farers along the way, you will need to upgrade or buy ships to fend them off.

Furtunately, upgrading ships is fairly simple. However, getting a new space ride will definitely cost some serious credits. And because credits are mainly obtained by adding information to the Atlas, buying a new ship might be a huge investment for those just starting out in No Man’s Sky.

If you are contented with your current ship, there’s a two ways you can upgrade it. First is to look for debris scattered across various planets.

Simply approach the floating mass and hold the interact button. You will then receive an upgrade to your ship such as better weapons. You can install these upgrades once you have a sufficient number of its corresponding elements.

Another way to upgrade your ship takes a page from the good-old RPG. Approaching NPCs and accepting rewards, after certain tasks were accomplished, a.k.a. Quests.

Now if you really want a new ship, you will find a hangar full of them every time you enter a space station. Just interact with an alien and be ready to fish out a huge chunk of cash.

Despite being expensive, buying ships is much, much easier than scavenging for upgrades. Upgrading ships should always be a priority marauders increase the closer you get to the center of the galaxy. So unless you are in a charitable mood for pirates, upgrading your ship will help you keep your hard earned credits safe in No Man’s Sky.

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