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‘No Man’s Sky’ Facing Copyright Issues With Algorithms

‘No Man’s Sky’ Facing Copyright Issues With Algorithms
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‘No Man’s Sky’ Facing Copyright Issues With Algorithms

Fame and popularity come at a price and Hello Games is faces a big one with its blockbuster space exploration game, No Man’s Sky. The game is set to launch next month but legal matters may taint it’s big day.

‘Superformula’ Patent Hit

The trouble brewing right now has to do with a patent on an algorithm called “Superformula.” A Dutch company has come forward to reveal that they own the rights to it. A certain Johan Gielis, who is a professor at the University of Antwerp, is the one credited to formula.

It was patented in the European Union in 2002 and then in the U.S. in 2009. The formula is powerful and cheap, something singled out as a possible way on how Hello Games was able to generate land easily on 3D. Sean Murray of Hello Games did not hide the fact that “Superformula” helped in the development so the whole row could be settled via negotiations.

Genicap, the company where Gielis is connected, objects to the algorithmic use without their inputs. The company is however not shutting doors on a possible cooperation with Hello Games.

“It would be great to exchange knowhow with Hello Games,” Genicap’s Jeroen Sparrow stated via Eurogamer. “We believe No Man’s Sky is the beginning of a new generation of games. What Hello Games did with the formula is very impressive. Johan Gielis, the founder of Genicap and the one who discovered the superformula, is extremely proud.”

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Genicap tried to touch base with Hello Games but the gaming company is busy readying itself for the upcoming launch of No Man’s Sky. Legal issues could shroud the debut, which may result in losses amounting to millions.

Hello Games has yet to address the issue. Genicap’s may find it hard to overcome the odds against Hello Games on the claim. Just the same, Murray cannot afford to overlook the legalities tied up to the “Superformula” algorithm.

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