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No More Diplomatic Ties Between Russia And Ukraine

No More Diplomatic Ties Between Russia And Ukraine
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No More Diplomatic Ties Between Russia And Ukraine

Ukraine and Russia’s relationship seems to be strained further as the former reportedly terminates its diplomatic ties with the latter. According to reports, the government is also terminating the technical protection of information agreement with Russia.

It is all over for Russia and Ukraine as the latter’s Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee makes a move to cease diplomatic relations. According to Ukraine Today, information was confirmed by  Volodymyr Parasyuk with reports from Ukrainian news agency TSN. The resolution came into place following the meeting of the committee on March 20. The document will be under consideration in April.

According to the document, there are several reasons why the government decided on ceasing diplomatic relations. These include violating the rights of the Ukrainian citizens, holding the citizens and detaining them (holding them hostage) in Russia. This breaches the principles of international immunity.

“We are terminating the agreement. No objection may arise,” said Ukraine’s PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk via Interfax-Ukraine.

Ukraine is also blaming Russia for its rising inflation rate. According to Ukraine’s Social Policy Minister Pavel Rozenko, Russian aggression has pushed the country’s inflation rate.

“There was a high inflation rate [in Ukraine –Ed.] of about 80 percent during 2013-2015, primarily due to the aggression [from Russia – Ed.] and the loss of industrial capacity,” RT quoted the official. The minister also noted that Ukraine was only able to address 13 percent of its social obligations.

This prompted the official to call out for “more minimum social standards in the 2017 draft budget” to help address the losses of the population due to the inflation rate. Russian officials have been denying operating by the Donbass area. Moscow refuted claims of any military operation, referring to the allegations as a form of “fake propaganda.”

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