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Nintendo Announces ‘Record’ Sales of its 3DS Games in 2013

Nintendo Announces ‘Record’ Sales of its 3DS Games in 2013


Nintendo Announces ‘Record’ Sales of its 3DS Games in 2013

Nintendo has announced ‘record’ sales of its 3DS games last year. The Japanese videogame maker disclosed that it sold over 16 million units of the game, combined packaged and digital versions, in 2013. That accounted for an increase of over 45% compared to sales in 2012.

It added that the 3DS roster of handheld gaming systems has exceeded lifetime unit sales of 11.5 million in the US alone. This is taken as a new encouragement for the company, which has been striving to perform better since the dismal sales of Wii U.

In a statement, sales and marketing executive vice president of Nintendo America Scott Moffitt said Nintendo 3DS remains as a powerhouse of games as well as experiences that appeal to various types of players. The family of games includes 3DS XL and 2DS.

Mr. Moffitt revealed that the company plans to keep a fast pacing in 2014. He hinted that the gaming firm would have more games that would feature fan-favorite franchises this year. Thus, he asserted that the ‘best days of Nintendo 3DS’ could be expected to come soon.

Good reviews

Nintendo also boasted that seven of its 3DS games that were launched last year have a review score of 85 out of 100. Some even performed better. Based on reviews posted in gaming review Website Metacritic, the games ‘Fire Emblem Awakening’ and ‘The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds’ have both scored higher than 90.

The company also claims that many other games in 3DS are not just enjoying higher scores from critics and reviewers. Many games are also becoming favorites of actual gamers.

New games in the future

So what could Nintendo 3DS users expect in 2014? The company plans to launch more games this year. In fact, it announced the launch dates of some. On February 28, it would launch ‘Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.’ In the pipeline are ‘Yoshi’s New Island’ (March 14) and ‘Disney Magical World’ (April 11).

It would also release ‘Square Enix’s’ ‘Bravely Default’ on February 7. It is actually a role-playing game, making it somehow different from all other 3DS games available today. The game is being demonstrated right now for free through the Nintendo eShop. The company is set to announce more launches and releases in the coming days. But for now, gamers should be excited to look forward to many new offers to come.

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