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Nintendo 64 Emulator Win64e10 Removed From Xbox One Store

Nintendo 64 Emulator Win64e10 Removed From Xbox One Store
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Nintendo 64 Emulator Win64e10 Removed From Xbox One Store

Win64e10, an Xbox One app that allows the emulation of N64 games, has been removed from the store.

Perhaps it’s the buzz that killed it. Perhaps, if it hadn’t been for the excitement on Reddit, the emulator would have survived longer.

Win64e10 was quietly launched over the weekend, much to the joy of gamers. A lot quickly purchased the app, and word has it that despite its removal from the store, those who purchased can still use it.

Win64e10 cost £7.69 in the UK, as pointed out by Eurogamer.

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Of course, Microsoft never placed a seal of approval on the app, thus it was tucked away in the darkest corners of the marketplace.

Over at Reddit, user tropicalrecon commented, “What did you expect when it was upvoted to hell on a subreddit where one of the top executives is regularly active?”

Perhaps indeed, the buzz killed it.

A representative from Microsoft told GameSpot that Win64e10 violated certain policies. “We love to see passion for gaming, and enjoy supporting all types of game and application innovation. While Win64e10 was initially available in the Xbox Store, further review showed it violated policy and is no longer available.”

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