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‘Night Terrors’ Game: Pokemon GO… But With Ghosts

‘Night Terrors’ Game: Pokemon GO… But With Ghosts
Night Terrors – ARG Survival Horror – Trailer 1 Novum Analytics / YouTube


‘Night Terrors’ Game: Pokemon GO… But With Ghosts

Whereas Pokemon GO requires players to roam outside in search of Pokemon, Night Terrors presents a more formidable challenge: roam around your house. At night. In the dark. In search of ghosts. Do you dare play it?

When Pokemon GO was released, gamers began clamoring for a game that closely resembles the PS2 game “Fatal Frame.”

Announced way before Pokemon GO, Night Terrors is defined as an “augmented reality survival horror game.” It sees players trying to rescue a girl trapped in a darker, alternate dimension-ish world inside their own house. Instead of encountering cute and cuddly pocket monsters, players stumble upon ghosts that may or may not need to be defeated.

The interface of the game promises to be as immersive as possible. It controls the device’s flashlight for maximum effect. According to developer Novum Analytics, in-game text messages and phone calls will be received as part of the gameplay.

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The technology behind the game is impressive. According to the developer’s page, the system can study and memorize the physical environment’s walls, ceilings and floors, “making the ghost placement much more realistic and believable to the player.”

Unfortunately for Android users, the game is currently planned to be released only on iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, and 6+. An Android version is guaranteed to arrive soon, though. Interested players may support Novum Analytics on their Indiegogo page.

Watch the game’s trailer below. WARNING: Disturbing stuff.

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