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‘The Night Of’ Season 1 Episode 3 Spoilers: Can Naz Survive Prison – Report

‘The Night Of’ Season 1 Episode 3 Spoilers: Can Naz Survive Prison – Report
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‘The Night Of’ Season 1 Episode 3 Spoilers: Can Naz Survive Prison – Report

Naz has graduated from a holding cell to Rikers Island in the span of just two episodes on “The Night Of.” But will a supposedly innocent man like him be able to survive in the midst of some of the most dangerous criminals held in prison?

HBO’s “The Night Of” is gradually proving that it is on the right path to becoming something phenomenal, despite the fact that TV shows with this concept have existed in the past. The tone is right, the execution is on point and the actors are doing a stellar job.

HBO’s ‘The Night Of’ Spoilers

Even though the story is unfolding at snail’s pace, the detailing into the backgrounds of the core characters is letting the audience relate to them easily, since all of them are multi-faceted individuals.

The main plot revolves around Nazeer Khan, a seemingly naïve 23-year old boy, who let himself loose one night with a girl whom he had just met, just to wake up beside her dead body covered in blood and getting arrested for it.

Detective Box, who has a reputation of being the “subtle beast” when it comes to cracking the toughest of cases is determined to find out what really went down on the night of the gruesome murder, reports IGN.

John Stone is another major character – a small-time yet knowledgeable lawyer who took on Nazeer’s case on his own accord because he could smell a massive payday.

After his bail was denied by the judge, Nazeer has now been transferred to a prison cell at Rikers. But seeing that he could barely hold it together in the holding cell where one of the inmates beating down another inmate to keep her from screaming, one has to wonder how long he is going to last inside a prison!

Besides, as per the trailer of the upcoming episode, one particular inmate seems to have taken a keen interest on Naz, reports International Business Times. Does he/she wants to help him or harm him?

Find out on the next episode of HBO’s “The Night Of” which airs every Sunday.

For the latest ‘The Night Of’ Spoilers, please stay tuned in to this site.

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