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‘The Night Of’ Episode 8, Series Finale Spoilers: Naz Might Be Acquitted Like O.J. Simpson

‘The Night Of’ Episode 8, Series Finale Spoilers: Naz Might Be Acquitted Like O.J. Simpson
Freddy always keeps his word. The Night Of / Facebook

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‘The Night Of’ Episode 8, Series Finale Spoilers: Naz Might Be Acquitted Like O.J. Simpson

It seems like the case against Naz in “The Night Of” is going to have the same ending as O.J. Simpson’s case, that is, with an impossible acquittal.

“The Night Of” is drawing to a close with the episode 8 serving as its series finale. So, the only question that is left to be answered is whether Naz will be convicted of killing Andrea or will he be proven innocent of the crime?

In the regard of Naz’s acquittal, it has already been hinted in episode 7 that the fact whether Naz has actually committed the murder or not will be of least importance.

All that Naz’s lawyers, Jack Stone and Chandra, are focusing on at the moment is to pile up enough circumstantial evidence in favor of Naz so that the Jury cannot agree on a “guilty beyond reasonable doubt” verdict for Naz. And from the looks of it, they are willing to try just about anything to do that!

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‘The Night Of’ Episode 8 Spoilers

As part of their notorious strategies, they did not even shy away from tarnishing poor Detective Box’s impeccable track record of 33 years, marring his mood, just before his retirement party.

The reference that Chandra drew up during interrogating Box was none other than one of the most celebrated, yet infamous criminal cases in the American history – The O.J. Simpson trial, reports Esquire.

“If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit,” says Chandra, stressing on the fact that despite an overwhelming amount of evidence that might be used by the state to prove that Naz is guilty of the murder, if a single piece of the puzzle does not fit, the Jury will have no choice but to acquit him, much like what went down in the O.J. Simpson trial.

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‘The Night Of’ Series Finale Spoilers

As for Andrea Cornish’s killer, there are a number of fan theories that are going around, including the fact that Andrea might have killed herself, reports Movie News Guide. But this theory has several loopholes including the fact that it is impossible for a person to stab oneself so many times.

Another theory is the fact that Freddy actually happens to know Andrea and that is the reason he took a keen interest on Naz from the moment the latter entered Rikers. This might also be the probable motive behind him shaping Naz into a ruthless criminal, in order to make it easier for the Jury to convict him.

Since the show is based on the British series called “Criminal Case”, the makers of “The Night Of” also might decide to follow through with replicating the ending of the original series. In that case, Andrea’s killer would be the same individual who happened to kill another girl in a similar manner, as discovered by Box in episode 7.

Watch “The Night Of” Finale on 28th August, Sunday, only on HBO.

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