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Nigerian Mobile Services Urgently Requires Fuel To Avoid Shutdown

Nigerian Mobile Services Urgently Requires Fuel To Avoid Shutdown
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Nigerian Mobile Services Urgently Requires Fuel To Avoid Shutdown

Nigeria is facing a fuel crisis. Due to scarcity of diesel, the country is facing communication problem. The country’s telecom service declared today that they urgently require fuel to avoid shutting down countrywide after months of fuel crisis in Africa, the biggest oil producer.

Radio stations of the country are also affected. Last night, radio stations of Nigeria went quiet.

As Nigeria is badly affected, the power supply of the country is hampered. The country has to depend on diesel generators to keep work going. Nigeria produces more than 2 billion barrels of petroleum a day, but due to poor maintenance of the refineries, it imports most of its refined fuel.

MTN Nigeria posted on Twitter overnight saying services will be weakening in 24 hours if it does not find diesel as soon as possible. Some customers are already facing bad network problems. Years ago, Nigeria’s landline collapsed due to lack of fuel.

“MTN’s available reserves are running low and the company must source for a significant quantity of diesel in the very near future to prevent a shut-down of services across Nigeria,” corporate services executive Akindale Goodwill tweeted.

Due to tightened credit lines and unpaid interest, oil suppliers could not supply oil. Oil tankers drivers were unpaid by suppliers and were joined by other oil workers on strike last week.

The party of President-elect Muhammadu Buhari accused President Goodluck Jonathan’s government.

“The whole scenario reeks of sabotage,” spokesman Lai Mohammed said in a statement. “Never in the history of our country has any government handed over to another a more distressed country: No electricity, no fuel, workers are on strike, billions are owed to state and federal workers, 60 billion dollars are owed in national debt and the economy is virtually grounded.”

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