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Nielsen Report Shows More Americans Hunger for Digital Content

Nielsen Report Shows More Americans Hunger for Digital Content


Nielsen Report Shows More Americans Hunger for Digital Content

Anyone who does not possess a high-definition TV set, an Internet-connected PC, or a smartphone in the US can be considered as part of a minority. This is according to the 2014 US Digital Consumer report released this week by Nielsen.

The same study estimated that Americans, on the average, own four digital devices and at the same time spend about 60 hours of their week using content across various screens. In other words, they hunger more for digital content.

HDTVs are the most popular digital equipment as the items can now be found in up to 83% of all households in the country. That figure rose from 67% in 2011. Additionally, up to 80% of American homes these days have PCs that can connect to the Internet, slightly up from 79%. About 65% of Americans own at least one smartphone, from 44%.

Higher ownership of digital devices

Interestingly, almost half of all US households these days own digital video recorders. Those comprise of 49% of houses. Meanwhile about 46% of households own and play any of the popular gaming consoles in the market.

The report concluded that most American consumers now stay connected with screens throughout each day. They also engage with various media content for over 60 hours each week. This could be a result of explosion and ownership of digital and mobile devices.

Moreover, TV remains as the center of media consumption in the country. But still, consumers are getting more comfortable accessing content online. This could be because of the fact that they could always do so whenever and wherever they want, especially these days when various mobile devices can connect to the Internet even while users are on the go.

Upgrades and social media 

The report also highlighted that up to 30% of US consumers now plan to get an upgrade of their smartphones within the next six months. About 26% of American consumers plan to buy a new PC in the same period, while 11% are eyeing a newer gaming console.

On the other hand, the use of social media is getting more popular. Up to 64% of social media users in the US visit Twitter and Facebook at least once every day using their PCs. About 47% of users access the two popular sites using their smartphones. It is expected that the number of social media users would get higher as US consumers continue to use the Internet for various transactions and tasks.

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