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Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Marriage: Divorce Looms As Couple Ignores Each Other, Report

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Marriage: Divorce Looms As Couple Ignores Each Other, Report
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Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Marriage: Divorce Looms As Couple Ignores Each Other, Report

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s marriage woes continue as both of them grow further apart from each other with each passing day.

While the couple seemed to be made in heaven after Nicole Kidman split from her husband, Tom Cruise, rumors are swirling that romance is fast fading in the relationship of the country singer and the Hollywood actress.

Keith Urban was seen complaining about the domineering ways of Nicole Kidman. And while she was initially a loving wife, always supportive of whatever her husband did, she has reportedly transformed into a complete control freak.

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Suffocated and frustrated, Keith decided to distance himself from his wife, and the two are reportedly living in separate houses for months now.

Even though neither Keith nor Nicole has formally announced a separation, all signs points to the two heading for splitsville.

Why else would a couple, who confessed of being incapable of living apart from each other for more than five days, start ignoring each other for months all of a sudden?

“You have to wonder if there are fresh problems in their marriage, especially as they always make a big noise about how they hate spending time apart,” said a close acquaintance, reported Closer Weekly.

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The source added that even though Keith and Nicole have had plenty of run-ins with each other recently, “they certainly haven’t been rushing into each other’s arms”.

Also, it doesn’t help that rumor of Nicole Kidman cheating on Keith Urban, who apparently doesn’t give her the time of the day, with Chiwetel Ejiofor, are splashed across every major tabloid, reported Celebrity Dirty Laundry.

Are the two ignoring each other to avoid addressing the obvious fallout staring them in the face? Will they be announcing their divorce soon?

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