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Nickolas Donnelly Dead: 14-year-old Killed After Morning Jog

Nickolas Donnelly Dead: 14-year-old Killed After Morning Jog


Nickolas Donnelly Dead: 14-year-old Killed After Morning Jog

In a disturbing event in the suburbs of Shoreham, Long Island, a male body has been found in the wooded area off Royal Way at around 7:50 am, Wednesday. Police have confirmed that the body belongs to a 14-year-old Nickolas Donnelly who was reported missing since Tuesday after he went for a jog.

The Shoreham teen was last seen at his Chambord Court home on Tuesday at 10 am. The body of the deceased was discovered as a result of a massive manhunt led by the boy’s father. No criminal activity has been suspected as of now, said the police, who refused to divulge any other information in connection to the case as reported by

That being said, the authorities have found some stark resemblance of this case with the unsolved murders of one Karina Vetrano from Queens, and NYC Google employee Vanessa Marcotte, both of whom went for a jog and never returned. Their bodies were found with injuries of sexual violence. No arrests have been made so far in this context.

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As reported by NY Daily News, the cops have received as many as 104 tips from people regarding the covert homicide of the 30-year-old Karina Vetrano who was beaten, strangled and sexually assaulted while jogging in Queens around 6 pm on August 2. A DNA profile of the murderer has been built, but it fails to match anyone in local and national DNA databases, officials said.

Eerily reminiscent of the murder of Karina Vetrano is the slaying of the 27-year-old Vanessa Marcotte who was butchered to death in the afternoon of Aug. 7 in Massachusetts, NY after she went for a jog at 1 pm. Her body was later found in the woods, without clothes, and some serious burns to the head, feet and hands. No arrest has been made as of yet.

“I think we have done all that we can to try and keep that story alive in the public mind and consciousness because it spreads such fear through the city,” said Police Commissioner Bill Bratton on Monday with high hopes finding some solid evidence real soon.

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