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Nickelodeon Releases Official App on Google’s Play Store

Nickelodeon Releases Official App on Google’s Play Store


Nickelodeon Releases Official App on Google’s Play Store

Nickelodeon has finally released its own app. Of course, it is intended for kids, who are also getting more curious into touch-screen applications. The official Nickelodeon app is now available through Google’s Play Store. That makes it exclusive to Android devices, for the meantime.

The popular kids’ cable channel did not specify the specific versions of Android that has compatibility with the app. But it disclosed that it would bring about numerous games, full episodes of some series, and some other original content. However, it may still not be able to facilitate the typical cable provider log-ins.

‘Do not touch’

Another odd thing about the new Nickelodeon official app is that it isn’t particularly built to be compatible with Android specifications, although it is performing well enough. The app features horizontal scrolling of its interface with a wide selection of more recommended content, including episodes of series and games. There even are tantalizing buttons that carry the ‘Do not touch’ mark. But  Nickelodeon expects kids to touch it anyway, so it made those buttons used enough as well.

And what if a user needs to know more about the shows and games from the cable channel? It is possible to access and check out the latest list of games and shows by simply clicking on the ‘Nick’ logo that is found at the upper left corner of the Webpage.

Cable account login

The new app promotes full episodes of some of Nickelodeon’s shows. However, there would be a little rock icon embedded on most of those. Just like most streaming video apps from other cable networks, Nickelodeon also requires its users to have cable account login.

The Nickelodeon official app is supported by several providers. Those include AT&T, Verizon, DIRECTV, and Time Warner. The list does not include the largest cable company in the country, Comcast. Additionally, some programs are not restricted to users who don’t own any supporting cable account.

Getting kids busy

The games in the app would be enough to make little kids occupied for a bit. It should be noted that none of those games are deep, but most of those are designed well enough to fit into a larger app.

The app is intended to be a no-brainer if you have kids that regularly watch Nickelodeon. You may have to use your compatible cable subscription, though. The app even has a setting that prevents reaching or exceeding data cap of the device.

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