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Nick Vujicic, Born Without Arms And Legs, Drives For The First Time – “That Was Surreal”

Nick Vujicic, Born Without Arms And Legs, Drives For The First Time – “That Was Surreal”


Nick Vujicic, Born Without Arms And Legs, Drives For The First Time – “That Was Surreal”

Nick Vujicic, a 32-year-old born limbless, shared the incredible moment of driving a car for the first time. The Australian-born suffers from Tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare condition wherein one is without any limbs.

In a one-hour documentary, Born Without Limbs, that featured on American TV network TLC, the Australian-born spoke about the struggles he endured because of his disability, his life with wife Kanae and two-year-old son Kiyoshi, and his excitement of driving a car for the first time.

Following is a small clip from the documentary.

He said in the preview of the show, “Ever since I was a kid, the burning desire in me was to do what everyone else could do.” He said that the encouragement he received from his parents was a driving force that help him live a prosperous life.

His move to California led him to a U.S. company that manufactured a car with facilities to help him drive it. The set-up of the car is designed in such a way that allows Vujicic to operate it with his mouth and prosthetics. Although a few difficulties did arise at the beginning, he was successful in driving it, adding another feather to his cap.

As reported by Channel Nine, Vujicic was over the moon after having achieved this feat.

“I can’t believe I just drove! That was surreal,” he said.

Speaking about how he tackled depression, he said, “I believe there’s a reason why something happens. You do your best and trust in God and never give up. I grew up with this mindset and was thankful for what I had. Not only did my parents raise me in such a beautiful way, but they had the courage to have more children.”

Vujicic and his wife are expecting a second child.

He said, “Everyone is looking for something to make them happy — money, drugs, alcohol. I wanted to know I was not just a write-off. Every time a kid laughed at me or excluded me from a game, that fear came back.”

Vujicic, who has traveled to 58 countries and spoken in front of six million people about winning over his disability, was a victim of depression and loneliness in his adolescence. He set up a not-for-profit organization, Life Without Limbs, when he was 17.

“I tell people to not give up. We sometimes wait for a miracle to happen in life — but the miracle never comes. I wish many things were different in my life. But knowing I can be a miracle for someone else makes my life worth living. We all have worries. I am not a superhero. But I embrace life and focus on what is most important,” he said.


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