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Nick Viall Net Worth, Ex-Girlfriends, Facts And Photos: ‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Is Hated By Feminists, Report

Nick Viall Net Worth, Ex-Girlfriends, Facts And Photos: ‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Is Hated By Feminists, Report
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Nick Viall Net Worth, Ex-Girlfriends, Facts And Photos: ‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Is Hated By Feminists, Report

Nick Viall may have been picked by ABC as their leading man for “The Bachelor” 2017 but not everyone is happy with this decision.

The two-time loser of “The Bachelorette” has not given up on finding his perfect love and critics, specifically feminists, are condemning the network’s efforts to dub him as the “most deserving” person to ever appear on “The Bachelor”.

Bustle, the feminist blog has stated, “in a world where we’ve yet to see a black Bachelor head up the show, it’s questionable to say that a white man who’s already appeared on television three times looking for love is somehow more deserving of this fourth opportunity than anyone else.”

The first time Nick participated on “The Bachelorette”, he did manage to make it to the runner-up position, losing to the winner, Josh Murray.

However, instead of garnering sympathy, viewers were relieved that then bachelorette Andi Dorfman did not choose him because he was tagged as the “villain” on Season 10 of “The Bachelorette”, reports Hollywood Life.

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Nick Viall Net Worth

Before Nick Viall became the talk of the town, with all the spotlights focusing on how he plans to handle his stint on “The Bachelor”, he was a software sales executive for the company, SalesForce, reports Romper.

Before he entered the world of reality TV, he had already saved up $150,000 in his bank account. But that was last year. As of post-appearance on “The Bachelorette” twice (even though admittedly failing both times), Nick’s estimated net worth stands at $250,000, reports Rich Celebs.

Nick is also looking at potential advertisement deals and other reality shows if he manages to grab enough attention through his performance on “The Bachelor” next year, which could take his net worth skyrocketing.

Nick Viall Ex-Girlfriends

One of Nick’s ex-girlfriends is Kim Peiffer, who currently works as an editor for InStyle magazine, reports Refinery29. Peiffer wrote an extended personal blog-style piece on how she and Nick had met in Wisconsin as freshman college students one summer and had a whirlwind romance before she headed off to college and never heard from Nick again.

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Then there is Jen Saviano, the lady who is seen romancing Nick on “Bachelor In Paradise” – another reality show that Nick is currently in right now. She was seen confessing onscreen that she was “in love” with Nick, reports Entertainment Tonight.

However, Nick must be itching to get on to the next reality stint, which he has already signed on for (and that essentially requires him to be single) because his response was less than jolly. “I do love Jen as a person but I don’t know if I’m in love with Jen… Yet,” he was heard saying.

Nick Viall’s “Bachelorettes”

Both Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe, who were the leading ladies of the respective seasons of “The Bachelorette” in which Nick had competed, have wished him the best of luck for the upcoming season of “The Bachelor”.

“Congrats, Nick. It’s been a long road but you’ve always been genuine and real about wanting to find love. Now it’s your turn! Best of luck,” Tweeted Dorfman, reports Daily Mail.

“I’m happy for him!” Bristowe told Us Weekly. “Everyone deserves to find someone. I hope it works out.”

Nick Viall Photos

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