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NFL Quarterback Landry Jones: Facts About the ‘Disappointing’ Player

NFL Quarterback Landry Jones: Facts About the ‘Disappointing’ Player
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NFL Quarterback Landry Jones: Facts About the ‘Disappointing’ Player

NFL Quarterback Landry Jones has been making rounds on Twitter after his 4 interceptions on the first half of the Steelers match against the Eagles at Heinz Field in Pittsburg.

After Bruce Gardkowski’s injury, Landry Jones was Steeler’s number 2 quarterback for the coming regular season.

However, fans have doubts if he can perform for the upcoming games as his performance on Thursday night has left many “disappointed.”

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The 26-yer-old athlete Landry Jones has 12 of 20 for 111 yards and four interceptions, leaving them behind Eagles at halftime.

On Twitter, rants poured in against the NFL quarterback.

One commenter said, “It makes me angry how there’s people struggling to get by money wise; then there’s QB’s like Landry Jones who make $500K+ for being trash.”

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“Steelers better draft a QB for the future. Landry Jones has 0 potential to be a franchise QB,” another one said.

Here are some of the facts about the NFL quarterback Landry Jones before he was dubbed as a “disappointing” athlete.

Landry Jones has been recruited in New Mexico in 2007. He chose to play for Oklahoma, with Sam Bradford. He then started to secure a limelight after Brafdorf has a shoulder injury, leading him to play ten games.

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However, reports are saying that Landry Jones “lacks composure under pressure” and “doesn’t have a short memory when it comes to mental mistakes.”

Landry Jones also reportedly rejected to enter NFL in his junior season because of his engagement to basketball player Whitney Hand. He then started his senior season with a record of 4,000 yards with 30 touchdowns after they married in Fort Worth, Texas in 2012, Heavy said.

Landry Jones’ wife had an ACL injury which led to her collegiate career meltdown. However in 2013, both were drafted into professional sports.

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Steelers’ coach Mike Tomlin even said that Landry Jones has executed good performance during practice but what’s more important is the game itself.

“His performance has been on a steady incline out there, but that is out there,” Tomlin said in a press conference. “We prepare and play out there for what transpires in stadiums, and I am excited to watch him play.”

Unfortunately for Tomlin, he got to see Jones play much more than he would’ve liked.

Landry Jones later on proved his worth when he Jones  played six times during the 2015 regular season, with a record of 55 passes for 513 yards and three touchdowns.

There have been many criticisms about Landry Jones since he was drafted but the athlete sets aside this with his game performances.

In his Twitter page, he is vocal on saying his Christian belief with his bio that reads, “In everything you do, work as if you are working for the Lord.”

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