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NFL News: Sam Bradford Re-Signs For Philadelphia Eagles

NFL News: Sam Bradford Re-Signs For Philadelphia Eagles
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NFL News: Sam Bradford Re-Signs For Philadelphia Eagles

Sam Bradford has re-signed with the Philadelphia Eagles, ending all questions regarding his future. Bradford has agreed upon a two-year deal worth $36 million with the Eagles.

There were rumors that the Eagles may use their franchise tag to sign Bradford, but they ended up not needing to do so. Sam Bradford will now be receiving $26 million as guaranteed money. The quarter-back featured in 14 games for the Eagles last season, missing two due to a shoulder sprain and concussion he sustained against the Miami Dolphins, according to Real GM.

Bradford struggled with injuries for a long time and staged a come-back during last season. Experts view Bradford’s deal as a sad reality of a QB-starved league. Bradford, still quite inconsistent on the field and riddled with injuries, grabbing a $18 million per year deal is hard to envision. Tony Romo’s yearly deal is worth $18 million, and he has posted much better performance than his East NFC counterpart, as reports the ESPN.

But the Eagles desperately needed to lock a QB, and they didn’t have too many options in the market. Bradford is also the new head coach Doug Pederson’s choice. And Bradford put up a much better show after week 8. He hit the lowest ebb of the league as QB in the first seven games. He doubled his QBR to 55.0 in his seven post-bye starts, which earned him the lucrative deal including a big guaranteed money.

The argument of whether or not the Eagles are taking a big gamble signing him up is moot at this point. Philadelphia’s options are very limited and if they think Bradford can keep improving his game, there is no real downside that we can think of. Can you? Tell us what you think in the comments section!

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