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NFL News: Mike Tomlin Asks DeAngelo Williams To Refrain From Peyton Manning Bashing

NFL News: Mike Tomlin Asks DeAngelo Williams To Refrain From Peyton Manning Bashing
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NFL News: Mike Tomlin Asks DeAngelo Williams To Refrain From Peyton Manning Bashing

Peyton Manning announced his retirement after winning his second Super Bowl title. But the NFL superstar didn’t have a stellar final year befitting his long career in the NFL. Most people would agree that the Denver Broncos won the league by virtue of their impregnable defense. Because of this,  Manning’s game was heavily criticized by sports pundits.

Pittsburgh Steelers’ running back, DeAngelo Williams, was quick to spot Manning’s inadequacies in his 18th NFL season and kept on tweeting over it. Steelers’ coach, Mike Tomlin, has now told Williams to chill on bashing Manning in social media, since the superstar has already announced his retirement.

What happened to Manning in 2015? The future hall of famer’s arm looked gone. And guys like DeAngelo Williams rightly noticed it. Williams started Manning-bashing on Monday responding to a tweet from CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco. The runningback pointed out that Manning should retire now.

And the NFL star did announce his retirement that day. The Broncos QB didn’t offer any hints on it before, as we have previously reported earlier. His sudden announcement should bring curtains to all criticisms, feels Steelers’ head coach Mike Tomlin. And he told Williams to shut it down.

“I wasn’t going to hold my tongue because he was retiring,” Williams told ESPN’s Mike & Mike. “My thing is, what I try to get people to understand is just because a person is accomplished and has accolades don’t mean you can’t speak your mind about them because they have those accolades.”

Well, Williams was quite aggressive while bashing Manning in the show. He even said Manning was “garbage” in 2015. Tomlin was right in pulling him back by asking him to chill. Williams consistently tweeted for 48 hours, according to CBS Sports. Tomlin’s open response also signifies that he didn’t consider the issue as a serious one.

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