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Next ‘Making A Murderer’ Dwells On Convicted Women

Next ‘Making A Murderer’ Dwells On Convicted Women
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Next ‘Making A Murderer’ Dwells On Convicted Women

Making a Murderer, a docu-series chronicling the conviction of Steven Avery, has been the inspiration for journalist and television celebrity Piers Morgan to interview women convicted of murder.

Morgan will be traveling to the United States to meet and interview some of the most notorious women killers “in a quest to discover what drives a woman to kill.”

Speaking with about the show, Morgan said, “I’ve got two things out this month: Killer Women – where I go into prisons – and another is a movie with Kevin Costner, The Criminal, where I have a cameo. People are putting it all together: this works, Morgan in prison…”

Referring to his experience as “unsettling” and “unnerving,” he added, “You go into a high security prison in America – they don’t f*** around,” he said. “They had prison officers in there, who were armed, but it was unsettling. It’s intimidating: it’s designed to be.

“You get taken in, you get sat down and then in come these women, one of whom [referring to Erin Caffey, who will be the subject of the first episode] planned the annihilation of her family. She’s 4ft 11, looks like an angel and sings Amazing Grace. You’re quietly thinking, ‘She planned the shooting and machete-ing of her younger brothers, her mum and her dad who survived…’”

He also spoke about how Making a Murderer – a docu-series that chronicles the conviction of Avery, who remains behind bars for the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach – had inspired him.

“We were drawn by the Making a Murderer series on Netflix to try and do a real journalistic number on these cases, try and get inside the mind of murderers,” he continued. “What’s fascinating is you couldn’t really predict any of these three people would have done what they did. You think, ‘What does cause this sort of thing?’”

Avery spent 18 years in prison for a sexual charge before DNA evidence proved that he had not committed the crime; and that he was wrongfully convicted. Two years later, in 2005, he was arrested for the murder of photographer Halbach, who had visited the Avery Salvage yard before she was killed.

In the first edition of Morgan’s show, the journalist will travel to Gatesville, Texas, where he will meet Erin Caffey – who conspired with her boyfriend to kill her family members. She committed the crime when she was 16, and will remain in prison until the age of 60.

In speaking with Caffey, Morgan endeavors to find out what drove her to mastermind the killings of her mother, father, and two brothers.

“[Caffey is] so disarmingly nice and yet everyone I spoke to about her said she’s the most manipulative, lying monster we’ve ever come across,” Morgan said. “And once you hear that from prosecutors of 30 years and counsellors who’ve dealt with loads of people, you think, ‘Wow’. That’s unsettling because you think, ‘What is she capable of? Anything’.”

The show airs on May 11 on ITV, Post Crescent reports.

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