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Newborn Dead After Falling Elevator Shaft: Brooklyn Elevator Too Old, Report

Newborn Dead After Falling Elevator Shaft: Brooklyn Elevator Too Old, Report
Broken elevator, MUNI Embarcadero station Salim Virji / Flickr cc


Newborn Dead After Falling Elevator Shaft: Brooklyn Elevator Too Old, Report

The tragic elevator accident of a 6-week-old has left the entire Brooklyn in mourning A visit to her grandmother’s apartment building on Neptune Avenue became the last thing baby Areej Ali ever did.

The terrible accident in Coney Island on Thursday brought baby Areej’s horrible death after her stroller plunged several floors down an elevator shaft.

Apparently, Aber Al-Rahabi, 21, pushed the button of the elevator on that fateful day, to call the car to the 23rd floor.

As the doors slid open, Al-Rahabi, mother of the deceased, pushed the stroller into the elevator, oblivious of the fact that the elevator car was actually several floors down, reported CBS Local.

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The stroller plunged down the empty elevator shaft, landing on top of the elevator car stopped on the 16th floor. As per police reports, the mother was on top of her daughter and the stroller as the elevator went down seven floors.

An elevator mechanic, who was working on the faulty car, rushed to the scene on hearing the mother’s screams. The mechanic pulled Al-Rahabi off the top of the elevator car but did not remove the child, as reported by Daily News.

When officers arrived, police said they found little Areej Ali unconscious and unresponsive. The baby was pronounced dead at Coney Island Hospital. The New York City Medical Examiner’s office will determine cause of death, reported the news channel.

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The baby’s grandfather, Salah Ali, was distraught on hearing the news of his grandchild’s death.

“That’s my grandchild,” he said. “She was like a month old.”

Residents of the apartment complained that they have had troubles with the elevators in the past.

“Everybody is scared to take the elevator,” resident Harold Noel said. “I’m shocked right now. I don’t know what’s going on, I really don’t.”

“You press a button it doesn’t stop on that floor, doors open on any other floor, they’re old,” said resident Robert Whitley.

“I’ve been living here 30; almost 30 years,” said another resident Nasser Hames. “This elevator’s always been a problem.”

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As per city records, the privately owned Sea Rise Apartments have 50 open building code violations, including four for the elevators, CBS NY reported.

“The elevator that was affected by the incident will not be in use until the investigation is over, and other units in the building will be taken out of capacity in staggered order while they are tested,” a representative of the Department of Buildings said in a statement.

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