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Know How Important The New York Primary Is: It’s Hillary Clinton Vs Donald Trump Now

Know How Important The New York Primary Is: It’s Hillary Clinton Vs Donald Trump Now
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Know How Important The New York Primary Is: It’s Hillary Clinton Vs Donald Trump Now

As results of the New York primaries came in, former Secretary of States Hillary Clinton is now definitely way ahead from her closest contender for the Democrat nomination, Bernie Sanders.

While Clinton is clinching an apparent sure win in New York, real estate mogul Donald Trump is also outperforming his remaining rivals, John Kasich, and Ted Cruz, the New York Times reported.

With this development, observers believe that it’s highly possible that in the end, it’s Trump versus Clinton. Both Clinton and Trump are just a few steps away from securing their respective party’s nomination. But before that, they need to secure the delegates required.


As of press time, Clinton has garnered a total of 104 delegates from the New York primaries or 58.3 percent of the accounted votes, while her lone challenger, Sander got 82 delegates or 41 percent.

For the first time in decades, New York primaries mattered a lot to the aspiring candidates for the presidency. But in the end, the adopted daughter of New York outperformed Sanders in terms of number of delegates, who is a native of Brooklyn. All in all, New York has a total of 291 delegates from Democrat New Yorkers.

Jeremy Zellner the Democratic chair told the WKBW Buffalo News that Clinton emerging as the frontrunner in New York does not surprise him.

“When Secretary Clinton and Barack Obama ran for the nomination it ran through to June and so I’m assuming this is going to go through June but we expect Hillary to wrap it up,” Zellner was quoted as saying by the WKBW Buffalo News.


Just like Clinton, New Yorkers didn’t fail Trump, who is a popular businessman who made a reputation in New York. The New York Times reported that Trump has clinched a total of 48 delegates as of this writing. That’s 59 percent of the total delegates, while Kasich trailed behind Trump with 25.4 percent. Cruz, on the other hand, got 15 percent of the delegates.

Surprisingly, Trump has attracted more women based on the exit poll. It’s the same case with Clinton, who appeared popular among women. Trump’s popularity among New Yorker women came amid his previous sexist statement against women.

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