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New Types Of Dinosaurs Discovered: Facts To Know

New Types Of Dinosaurs Discovered: Facts To Know
Argentinosaurus Zachi Evenor/ Flickr CC BY 2.0


New Types Of Dinosaurs Discovered: Facts To Know

Discoveries after discoveries only lead us to the conclusion that there are plenty of things that humans are yet to know about the humungous extinct creatures dinosaur.

As it turned out, a Mongolian archeologist-led exploration has led to the discovery of what scientists today believe as the largest species of dinosaur ever discovered—a member of the Titanosaur group. The research team scoured the Gobi Desert in August in search for still mysterious dinosaurs, the Washington Post reported.

Largest Dinosaur In The World

Just like what the scientists initially believe, the barren land of the Gobi Desert, south of Mongolia, hides some giants buried deep within the earth. The researchers have found fossilized footprints of the large dinosaur as large as 42 inches in length.

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Converted into the U.S shoe size standard, the huge fossilized footprint would have been of a size of 104—that’s more than four times than the largest sneakers ever made at size 25 or 25 (15 inches). To put it into perspective, the newly discovered footprint was the same size of an IKEA kitchen table.

The exploration team was composed of several researchers from different universities and laboratories all over the world, including Shinobu Ishigaki of the Okayama University of Science in Japan.

Titanosaur In Brazil

On the other part of the world, a separate team of researchers from the Rio de Janeiro’s Earth Sciences Museum has discovered what they believe, the largest remains of dinosaur ever unearthed in Latin America.

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The dinosaur remains, also belonged to the Titanosaur group, measured 25 meters long. Diogenes Campos, chief of the Rio de Janeiro’s Earth Sciences Museum, named the dinosaur as Austroposeidon magnificus, the Guardian reported.

The mighty giant, which was a species of plant-eating dinosaurs, once had walked the land of Brazil some 70 million years ago.

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