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New Technology Transforms Your Skin into Touchscreen for Your Smartwatch – Report

New Technology Transforms Your Skin into Touchscreen for Your Smartwatch – Report
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New Technology Transforms Your Skin into Touchscreen for Your Smartwatch – Report

Isn’t it frustrating having to navigate the apps on the teeny-tiny screen of your smartwatch? Well, with the latest technology, the surface of your skin gets transformed into a touchscreen. So, now you can have all the space you’ve always wanted, to browse those apps on your smartwatch!

This technology has been developed by the Future Interfaces Group, a research lab in the Carnegie Mellon University. The technology combines a ring, which emits signals when worn on the finger and a signal receiving wristband to turn the surface of your hand into a real-life touchscreen. However, the technology is more complicated than it sounds, reports The Verge. It is all about triangulating the position of your finger after it touches your skin, by calculating the distance between the ring and placement of the multiple pairs of electrodes on the watchband.

Yang Zhang, a first-year Ph.D. student at CMU who was among the brilliant minds who helped develop the technology, had this to say about it: “The great thing about SkinTrack is that it’s not obtrusive; watches and rings are items that people already wear every day”.

According to Engadget, smartwatches were always careful to maintain a balance between fashion and technology. This is why the touchscreen space of the smartwatches was never increased beyond a certain point, despite complaints of discomfort and difficulty faced in navigation by many smartwatch users, lest it would become unduly enlarged and unfashionable.

With the new SkinTrack technology, all concerns regarding navigation and dialing on a smartwatch have been eliminated and both the users and smartwatch manufacturers can breathe a little easy for it. Now, one can doodle, scribble numbers for navigation shortcuts, dial a phone number or ever play Angry Birds by just touching your skin.

What’s more, which this tech, the entire world of your smartphone can be strategically placed all over your skin, like it was a blank canvas! Try dragging icons of some of the apps out of the smartphone with a clean swipe action and placing them on your skin for easy shortcuts. So, the next time you want to access your Twitter account, just whip up your elbow and touch it with your ring-bearing finger! Now, that is cool!

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