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New Tech Platform Helps Turn Surplus Food Into Meals For The Hungry

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New Tech Platform Helps Turn Surplus Food Into Meals For The Hungry

One organization has just launched a tech platform in order to help make sure that any spare food in a restaurant or store can be used to feed the hungry.

MealConnect is two solutions in one. This new platform helps various companies avoid food waste. At the same time, it makes sure that surplus food goes to a beneficiary right at the moment of need. Feeding America developed this solution with the help of Google’s philanthropic company and General Mills.

MealConnect is a system developed by Feeding America. Their goal is to prevent perfectly good food from ending up in landfills. Instead, the new platform allows food suppliers – grocery stores, restaurants, cafes and other food businesses – to send out an alert when they have food surplus. As this happens, the plaform’s algorithm would then determine the best food program or pantry that could up the extra food for immediate distribution. This way, food banks can readily get the extra food and turn it into meals that could provide critical sustenance to the hungry.

Hunger is a serious problem in America.

Hunger has been a pressing problem in recent years all over America. According to Feeding America, as many as 42.2 million Americans were living in food insecure households back in 2015. Hunger affects approximately 29.1 million adults and 13.1 million children in the country. Feeding America believes that with MealConnect, it can help “end hunger nationwide.”

MealConnect has made it easy for any participant to access its platform.

What’s great about MealConnect is that it’s a web-based app. This makes it easier for any company or organization to participate. What’s more, access to the app is free for all users. And the moment a company has created their free MealConnect account, they can readily post their product from just about anywhere.

At the same time, MealConnect also readily offers training in using its platform. This way, more and more people can work together in solving hunger in America. “It is also important to make donating food a priority and part of everyday culture. Something as simple as leaving a note by the waste bins can help eliminate waste,” MealConnect explained.

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