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New Suspects Arrested In Unsuccessful French Church Attack

New Suspects Arrested In Unsuccessful French Church Attack
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New Suspects Arrested In Unsuccessful French Church Attack

Police has detained three new suspects in the botched Paris church attack on Sunday. The incident raised alarm when Sid Ahmed Ghlam of Algerian origin was arrested last week. Authorities informed that the computer science student planned a terror attack in a church, but his planned was thwarted when he accidentally shot himself.

French officials informed that the three suspects are now in police custody. DNA tests prove their presence at Ghlam’s home. One of the suspects’ DNA was found at Ghlam’s bedroom, and the others were spotted at Ghlam’s hairbrush. The third suspect was expected to provide all the facilities for the alleged attack.

Authorities are barred from naming the three suspects held in the case. Paris prosecutor’s office refused to divulge further details. It is not yet confirmed whether the three suspects are actually involved in plotting the terror, as investigation is underway.

Rifles, phones and data stored in a computer indicate Ghlam’s involvement. According to the prosecutor, information recovered from Ghlam’s items indicates his link with someone in Syria who urged him to carry out the terror attack. Under extensive investigation, police found material written in Arabic that hints his link with terrorist group al-Qaida, but nothing has been confirmed so far. There is no strong evidence which could stamp the chief suspects’ involvement in the case.

The 24-year-old Ghlam is also charged with killing a 32-year-old, Aurelie Chatelain, in Villejuif, a Paris suburb.

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