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New Sprint Prepaid Offers Service Plans and Smartphones

New Sprint Prepaid Offers Service Plans and Smartphones


New Sprint Prepaid Offers Service Plans and Smartphones

Sprint sets its focus on its prepaid wireless service these days. The telecom carrier has rolled out its new brand called Sprint Prepaid. Don’t make any hasty conclusions, yet; the company is not letting go of its earlier prepaid services, namely Virgin Mobile USA and Boost Mobile.

Just like Sprint’s other prepaid businesses, Sprint Prepaid offers customers the option to pay wireless services in advance. It eliminates the need to take a long-term commitment. Logically, it is for consumers who are more aware of their text, call, and data spending.

Initially, Sprint Prepaid seems to be an expansion of last year’s no-contract offering, ‘As You Go.’ Sprint Prepaid has new pricing schemes that complement a new set of handsets. Those devices include the 4G LTE-capable Samsung Galaxy S III, the Spark-enabled Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, and the 3G Moto G. It also offers pre-owned units of iPhone 4S.

Those smartphones are initially available upon Sprint Prepaid’s launch. As usual, the business assures that more handsets could be added to the list of available smartphones throughout the year. Moreover, basic plans that come with free feature phones would be rolled out in April.

In line with company goals

In a statement, Jeff Hallock, Sprint’s chief marketing officer said that it is the company’s goal to respond to its customers’ shifting demands. He said Sprint would do so by offering various wireless plans that should meet different needs of users. Thus, Sprint Prepaid, he added, should enable the company to play more competitively within the monthly prepaid landscape.

Hallock also believes that prepaid plans are now considered as a more viable solution for numerous consumers. He said that Sprint Prepaid now makes those plans available to those with affinity to the brand Sprint. It is ideal for consumers who are seeking for greater savings and no-contract options without any compromise.

Two plans

Customers could opt from two available plans from Sprint Prepaid. First, the Smart plan, which costs $45 per month, offers unlimited talk and text with Wi-Fi data plan. This service is not offered to users of iPhone 4S.

Second, Smart Plus, which comes with a $60 tag price per month, offers unlimited talk and text with free 2.5GB of online data. Its video streaming capability may be affected by limited 3G speeds. Sprint Prepaid is also intended to eventually integrate with the company’s Spark-enhanced LTE program.

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