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New Resurrected Superman in Black Suit For Justice League Revealed In Fan Art

New Resurrected Superman in Black Suit For Justice League Revealed In Fan Art
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New Resurrected Superman in Black Suit For Justice League Revealed In Fan Art

During the burial of Man of Steel in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, fans would have noticed a secret reference to Justice League. The burial vault was made in black with the silver “S” mark.

Since then we have wondered on the appearance of resurrected Superman in Justice League movie. During the big reveal, Zack Snyder also confirmed that Superman would have his hair grown a bit.

Connecting all the dots, it leads us to presume that Superman would look similar to the animated version representation from Superman: Doomsday. In reference to it, earlier this month we came across a digitally-altered image from Man of Steel. While the fan art’s portrayal was the closest to our predicted description, another fan showed a still from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The image below reveals Henry Cavill in black suit, bearded with a long hair. In the comics and animated feature film, the suit was designed in the fortress of solitude to help Superman heal by absorbing more solar energy.

There have also been speculations on Superman’s resurrected form as fans believe his weak state would allow Darkseid to control him. While the chances are slim, the dream sequence from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice portrayed the Man of Steel as a killing machine and his “S” army sided with the parademons.

If technicality is a priority for DCEU, we would probably witness Superman struggling to the reach the fortress of solitude to heal himself in the Justice League movie. Moreover, his weak state would probably render him useless initially. But it’s early to speculate it any further.

In other news, we came across a clear image of Victor Stone (Cyborg) while he is on his healing stages. Justice League movie will hit theaters on November 17th, 2017. You can expect more details on the plot during their appearance at San Diego Comic-con.

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