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New Prime Minister of Rome Unilaterally Orders ISPs to Block 46 Sites

New Prime Minister of Rome Unilaterally Orders ISPs to Block 46 Sites


New Prime Minister of Rome Unilaterally Orders ISPs to Block 46 Sites

The Rome’s Public Prosecutor has ordered ISPs of Italy to censor 46 sites unilaterally. The ISPs are now complying with the rules. Neither complaints are registered in reference to the sites nor has any judge issued orders against them. The aim behind banning the sites is to set the path apart from the autocratic Berlusconi Regime by the young Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi.

The blocking of sites will be pursed according to the orders from the department under Italy’s Minister of Economy and Finance, Guardia di Finanza. This department dealt with financial crime. The banned sites will include truepirates, dopinatorrent, mondotorrent, casacinema, filmxtutti, unversfilms, and

Interestingly enough, Sarzana explained that the case of banning the sites could have a new twist in the sense that Police carried out the action on their own initiative. The lawyer explains that copyright owners association didn’t claim anything regarding the sites. Also, the censoring of sites wasn’t the reaction of the request of the copyright owners associations.

TF gave an interview to Enzo Mazzo of music industry group FIMI that confirmed about the absence of the public announcement on the action taken. The action was indeed carried out by the Fiscal Police from the Rome. And they were acting under the commands of the Public Prosecutor.

These actions don’t show the right kind of governance style of the new Prime Minister of Rome. He is fairly against the tight media policy practiced in the past. He is trying to set his own standards by controlling the media in his own manner by blocking the sites that cross the limits of law or ethics.

When you take a look at the sites that are blocked, most of them are related to torrents and movies. It is obvious that these sites are the source of wastage of time for the people globally. Matt Renzi wants to save his nation from getting involved in the idle habits. He wants to set the rules that were completely ignored by the corrupt government of the past.  

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