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New Netflix Releases Include Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Jane the Virgin, Flash, Arrow

New Netflix Releases Include Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Jane the Virgin, Flash, Arrow
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New Netflix Releases Include Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Jane the Virgin, Flash, Arrow

CW and Netflix have come to terms to renew their programming agreement, which means that more TV shows are on the horizon for subscribers. The multi-year agreement was made official recently though the numbers were tied up to the deal were not disclosed.

With that said, the new pact means that popular shows like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Jane the Virgin, Flash and Arrow are to be expected. The past seasons of the shows can be viewed via the Internet, a trend that most are hooked up to as of the moment.

CW full seasons streaming soon

CW has been known to cater to the younger generation and Netflix is a good tool to reach them outside the usual TV broadcasting route.

The LA Times reports that included in the agreement are new offerings, which would include “Supergirl” which was recently acquired from CBS. Aside from that, subscribers will be able to stream CW shows eight days after the season finale, allowing viewers to catch up while protecting revenue-generating coming from actual TV broadcasts.

With that said, fresh episodes are to be expected on Netflix several months sooner than before. Previously, a season of episodes would be made available to the streaming service a full year after the season debuted, which would normally come in October. With the new pact, episodes will be made available on Netflix by late May or June

More Crazy Ex-Girlfriend viewing

Aside from the superhero-themed shows, there are other flicks that people can look forward to. That includes the comedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which should be one of the top shows subscribers will look forward to per Variety.

Not only has Crazy Ex-Girlfriend progressed marvelously beyond its pilot. With the combination of music and light comedy, it is one show that has endeared itself to viewers both streaming and on TV.

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