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New NASA Zodiac Signs 2016: Handy Tool Predicts Your New Star Signs

New NASA Zodiac Signs 2016: Handy Tool Predicts Your New Star Signs
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New NASA Zodiac Signs 2016: Handy Tool Predicts Your New Star Signs

Do you know your new Zodiac Sign for 2016 as released by NASA? A tool can help you know your new star signs!

NASA just dropped the new Zodiac Signs for 2016 which are now 13. Adding to the list of Zodiac signs is Ophiuchus—which covers people who are born from November 29 and December 17.

Laurie Cantillo of the Planetary Exploration told BBC that the Earth’s axis has changed in the past 6, 000 years, meaning the constellations are no longer where they are thousands of years ago.

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This has prompted astrologer Walter Berg to propose the 13th Zodiac Sign. It was previously suggested by Mark Yazaki in 1995.

The man said that astrological signs are related to the time when the Sun is in the eponymous constellations. This means that all the dates of the signs have also changed.

We previously reported that NASA has corrected the existing Zodiac Sign chart and did the math.

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This new Zodiac Sign is characterized as non- trouble-makers. They also get along with authority well, though they express their ideas and opinions occasionally, regardless of what other people say, Bustle said.

So, do you already know your new NASA Zodiac Sign for 2016?

Though some do not believe on NASA’s new Zodiac sign, one can know his/her new sign by checking out an online tool called What’s My Sign.

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In the website, you may encode the month and date of your birthday and click “Find” to generate the answer.

Your new Zodiac Sign will appear, accompanied by a short description.

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