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New Microsoft CEO Wants to Reinvent Productivity

New Microsoft CEO Wants to Reinvent Productivity


New Microsoft CEO Wants to Reinvent Productivity

New Microsoft CEO Wants to Reinvent ProductivityMicrosoft CEO Satya Nadella has posted a somehow lengthy memo addressing Redmond personnel. The main message was crystal clear. He encourages all company employees to ‘reinvent productivity.’ At the same time, he wants to make the firm’s culture evolve and prioritize ‘obsession’ about their customers.

The memo came five months after Mr. Nadella was installed to head the giant software company. His letter to Microsoft staff was more like an extension to the firm’s mission statement. He promised specific details on the company’s most recent performance on the earnings announcement, which is set to be released on July 22.

Empower people

The need to reinvent productivity, according to Mr. Nadella, is necessary to empower each individual and each organization worldwide. The goal, he said, is to make them do more so they could achieve more. In his own words, the reinvented productivity would create an interconnected digital substrate.

In the same memo, it was emphasized that Microsoft is already holding a rich heritage in terms of production of productivity software. However, Mr. Nadella reiterated that the industry they are in does not hold respect to tradition. Instead, as he said, it only respects one thing and that is innovation.

Go beyond applications

Thus, consumers can expect more from Microsoft under Mr. Nadella’s leadership. He said that the company would create more naturally occurring human computing interfaces to empower every individual. The company would also develop as well as deploy secured platforms to give all industries more power. Most of all, security and privacy would be maintained in all its new products.

Productivity for Microsoft would go beyond Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Mr. Nadella pointed out that the company would reinvent productivity amid the flood of devices, data, apps, and social networks that overwhelm all people around the world.

Better customer experience

Overall, the goal of the company would be to facilitate experience to understand the highly rich content of every person at work as well as in life for the organization and accomplishment of things with much ease and efficiency.

Microsoft would still maintain its focus on cloud. But at the same time, it would build a first-party hardware that would further stimulate demand for the whole ecosystem of Windows. We may expect the development of new categories then.  

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