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New Jersey State Trooper Helps Deliver Baby Along The Highway

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New Jersey State Trooper Helps Deliver Baby Along The Highway

A New Jersey State Trooper ended up delivering a baby on the side of the highway after a woman realized she won’t make it to the hospital in time.

Olivia Cummings, 27, was already on the way to the hospital on Thursday morning. She had gone into labor and was determined to get to the doctor in time for her planned water birth. However, it didn’t take long for her to realize that things were not going according to plan.

“I am like, ‘How much longer?’ and she goes, ’10 (minutes).’ I’m like, ‘We’re not going to make it… Pull over,'” Cummings recalled to WCBS. She was with her friend Lashanie Watson. Seeing what was happening, Watson pulled over on Interstate 78 in New Jersey. She then called the police.

Officers arrive just in time to assist Cummings.

Minutes later, State Trooper Christopher Gesualdo and Summit Police Officer Keith Kwiatek arrived at the scene. According to a report from Inside Edition, the two officers had shown up just in time to assist Cummings with delivering her baby.

Delivery moment captured by patrol car’s dashcam video.

The dashcam video captured by the patrol car managed to capture part of the moment when Cummings was delivering her baby along the highway. As vehicles sped by, you can hear the distinct sound of a mother bringing her child into the world. She gave birth to a baby girl weighing six pounds, 14 ounces.

Fortunately, the delivery went without complications. Later on, an ambulance came to transport Cummings and her newborn. The mother and daughter were taken to Saint Barnabus Hospital in Livingston. Cummings said that her newborn baby, Ania, is doing just fine. ” She’s a quiet, perfect baby girl.”

Cummings believes that the birth of her daughter is extra special. That’s because she was actually born during the 10th anniversary of her grandmother’s death. With Ania’s birth, the day has now become a lot more bearable for Cummings’ entire family.

Meanwhile, Trooper Gesualdo got to reunite with Cummings and the baby girl he helped deliver later on. The two were all smiles in a photo taken at the hospital. “Baby Ania was asleep, but we’re happy to report that she is doing well!” the New Jersey State Police reported.

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