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New ISIS Video: Spies Beheaded, Heads Put On Spike

New ISIS Video: Spies Beheaded, Heads Put On Spike
İslam Devleti bayrağı ile bir örgüt üyesi. VOA / Wkimedia Commons Public Domain


New ISIS Video: Spies Beheaded, Heads Put On Spike

A town held by ISIS near the Iraqi border was attacked by Syrian rebels on Tuesday, thus initiating a new front against militants

The ISIS militants are also confronting an offensive from U.S.-backed forces in the north.

The jihadists have the capability to make movements between the Iraqi and Syrian territories of their self-declared caliphate. However, according to Reuters, if the New Syria Army’s actions in capturing the town of Al-Bukamal from Islamic State (IS) turns out fruitful, it would hamper the jihadists’ free navigation within the area.

The New Syria Army was created 18 months ago from Arab rebels thrown out of eastern Syria by the jihadists. The New Syria Army is sponsored with arms and equipments by the U.S.-led coalition.

On the other hand, the Islamic State has expanded territories in mid-2014 after they took over the Iraqi city of Mosul.

According to the commander of the rebel forces, the New Syria Army had captured the desert approaches to Al-Bukamal. A senior rebel source informed that they were inside the town’s administrative boundaries.

The source also said that the rebels made a rapid advance across the less populated desert from their main base, moving further southwest in al Tanf.

But after the attack, the Islamic State launched a new video, which shows the beheading of spies and heads being planted on spikes.

The content of the video embedded below is extremely graphic. Viewer discretion is highly advised.

Heavy reports that a new video allegedly released by the jihadist militants is titled “Story of Slaughter.” In the video, five men accused of treason in “Wilayat Furat,” Iraq are compelled to reenact their “crimes” on camera before they were beheaded.

The video, which was released on ISIS channels, shows five men introduced as spies against the Islamic State. These five men were accused as members of the New Syrian Army.

Later in the video, the five men were interviewed on-camera. As the interview ended, the men were taken into the desert by five masked ISIS militants.

The Islamic State militants ultimately behead “traitors” and put their separated heads on spikes.

[wpvideo 6hQzjcNf]

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